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NEWSLETTER No. 1 - April 2, 2007


This is the first of our newsletters intended to keep a relationship of virtual proximity with the authors of ICEE 2007.


The dissemination of results occurred on March 16 (with just a couple of exceptions on March 17). All authors of both approved and non-approved abstracts have been sent messages. So, if you did not receive a message, please get in touch with me at Since some messages have been retained in spam filters at the destination, some authors have misprinted their addresses when supplying them to the Conference Management System, and some messages have been returned because of full inboxes, we may still have some abstracts accepted that their authors ignore.


As we are now one month away from the deadline for the reception of full papers, we would like to call your special attention to a few important points:



1.1. TEMPLATE. Please make sure that you use the template supplied at the submission page of ICEE 2007, at, and that you comply with the formatting instructions contained in that template. Papers not conforming to this template will not be accepted.


1.2. REFERENCING CONVENTIONS. Also, please make sure that you comply with the referencing conventions of the IEEE, available on page 4 of


1.3. GUIDELINES. To make sure that the paper is not rejected by the reviewers, please read carefully the guidelines available at: Also, make sure that the paper relates very clearly to Engineering Education and that English language construction is carefully checked by a knowledgeable English writer, since these are mandatory conditions for acceptance.


1.4. PAPER LENGTH. We remind you that, as stated on the submission page, you should not exceed the paper length of six pages. As you know, the effort required to squeeze into six pages a paper that takes some ten or twelve pages in its first version is often one of the best ways of improving its readability, quality, and effectiveness.


1.5. ANONYMITY. To allow for blind review, please do not include the author’s names on the paper. You will be able to insert the names later, when, after the review and approval of your paper you are requested to supply its final version. Don’t be concerned that the conferencing system might loose your paper if it hasn’t the authors’ names. It doesn’t, because it refers to all the elements (name, email address, etc.) you originally supplied when sending in your abstract.


1.6. FILE FORMAT. Please supply you paper in Microsoft Word or a compatible format. As an alternative, you may send a PDF file provided you comply with the original template.


1.7. DEADLINE. The deadline for reception of the full papers is the last minute of May 2, 2007, GMT. To avoid any disturbances to the workflow of paper reviewing, no exceptions will be accepted.





2.1. Please make sure that all the elements you supplied when registering at the system are correct. Take special care in granting that your email address and those of your co-authors are correct, since these are the only means we have to get in touch with you.


2.2. ABSTRACT IN THE SYSTEM. The abstract you have entered originally in the form field of the electronic submission system will be used to print the Conference Program Booklet. The Program Booklet will be essential to help participants decide, throughout the conference, what sessions they will be attending. For this reason, and to make sure that the Program Booklet becomes as user friendly as possible, please review your original abstract and make sure that it stays smaller than 200 words. Also, please make sure that the abstract closely relates to Engineering Education and is written is good English. You may find it useful to copy the abstract from your paper and paste it onto the abstract form field of your personal space on the electronic conferencing system.


2.3. GETTING INTO YOUR PERSONAL SPACE. To carry out the above changes and  recall the title of your abstract and any other information you have submitted please enter in “Authors”, "Edit Submission", at and provide the ID code of your abstract. If you have forgotten your password, you may ask the system to send you a new one.


We look forward to your contribution to a great conference. We’ll come back to you with a second newsletter in a couple of weeks.


Yours sincerely

Antonio Dias de Figueiredo

Program Committee Chair


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