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ICEE 2007 Author index

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Ubar, Raimund

  • Bringing Research Issues Into Lab Scenarios On The Example Of Soc Testing
  • [MAIN TOPIC 5: The Relevance of New Educational Tools]
    Devadze, Sergei, Jutman, Artur, Ubar, Raimund, Wuttke, Heinz-dietrich

    Udaeta, Miguel

  • Cyberwork In Energy Planning And Sustainable Development
  • [MAIN TOPIC 1: Rediscovering the Foundations]
    Gimenes, André, Gimenes, Ricardo, Grimoni, Aquiles, Udaeta, Miguel

    Uhomoibhi, James

  • Foundry Properties Of Backing Sand: Some Engineering Studies And Improvements
  • [MAIN TOPIC 3: The Challenges of Research]
    Adegbuyi, Patrick, Uhomoibhi, James
  • Transport Modelling For Improved Environment: Engineering Education Studies Of Environmental Impact And Customers Attitude
  • [MAIN TOPIC 1: Rediscovering the Foundations]
    Huang, Dailin, Uhomoibhi, James

    Unica Morales, Clarissa

  • Model For Engineering Education To Development Of Competences And Abilities
  • [MAIN TOPIC 5: The Relevance of New Educational Tools]
    Morales, Gilson, Unica Morales, Clarissa

    Upshaw, Jermaine

  • "what Really Matters?": A Critical Research Study Of The Organizational And Personal Factors Influencing Underrepresented Engineering Students' Retention
    Buchanan, Donna, Little, Sharoni, Sundt, Melora, Upshaw, Jermaine