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Yamada, Hirofumi

  • Engineering Education Using A Long-distance-controlled Robot System To Enhance Students' Motivation
  • [MAIN TOPIC 5: The Relevance of New Educational Tools]
    Minamide, Akiyuki, Naoe, Nobuyuki, Pee, Suat Hoon, Takemata, Kazuya, Yamada, Hirofumi

    Yamakawa, Taketo

  • An Examination Of Leader Report About The Improvement Of Leader's Duties
  • [MAIN TOPIC 1: Rediscovering the Foundations]
    Furukawa, Tetsuro, Matsuishi, Masakatsu, Matsumoto, Shigeo, Takemata, Kazuya, Yamakawa, Taketo

    Yang, Shang-tsung

  • The Study Of "free-rider" In Problem-based Learning Situation
  • [MAIN TOPIC 5: The Relevance of New Educational Tools]
    Huang, Hui-chin, Kuo, Yu-tsen, Yang, Shang-tsung

    Yang, Shau-thou

  • The Analysis Of Problem Level And Knowledge Category In Problem-based Pedagogy Applied To Design Education?to Take Office Design As An Example
  • [MAIN TOPIC 5: The Relevance of New Educational Tools]
    Lin, Yu-ting, Yang, Shau-thou, Zhang, Yi-xin

    Yang, Y.r.

  • A Study On The Learning Assessment Of A Sandwich Program Based On Constructivism
    Feng, H.p., Tsai, H.h, Yang, Y.r.

    Yang, Yeong-bin

  • Accreditation Of Engineering Education For The Master's Degree In Taiwan
  • [MAIN TOPIC 4: What Degrees for What Jobs?]
    Chang, Pei-fen, Liu, Mandy, Yang, Yeong-bin

    Yeh, Lu-tsou

  • Ping: An Affective Robot Used In Learning By Playing
  • [MAIN TOPIC 5: The Relevance of New Educational Tools]
    Chen, Jwu E, Chung, In-hang, Kuo, Po-tsung, Wu, G.-w., Yeh, Lu-tsou

    Yu, Chou-chih

  • An Innovative Methodology For The Characteristic Mining On The Conceptual Mechanism Design
  • [MAIN TOPIC 3: The Challenges of Research]
    Chen, Dar-zen, Yu, Chou-chih