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Main Topic 1: Rediscovering The Foundations (View papers)

Main Topic 2: Global Partnership (View papers)

Main Topic 3: The Challenges Of Research (View papers)

Main Topic 4: What Degrees For What Jobs? (View papers)

Main Topic 5: The Relevance Of New Educational Tools (View papers)

Special Session 1: E-learning For Architecture Design, Product Design And Engineering Design (View papers)

Special Session 2: The Impact Of The Bologna Process On Non-europeans (View papers)

Special Session 3: New Technologies In Mathematics For Engineering And Other Sciences (View papers)

Special Session 4: Education And Training For The Forestry Based Industries (View papers)

Special Session 5: Multidisciplinary/institutional Senior Design (View papers)

Special Session 6: Involving Engineering Schools/universities In Technology And Science Education For School Outreach (View papers)

Additional Proposed Sessions (View papers)