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ICEE 2007 Author index

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Ilic, Vojislav

  • Engineering Practice: A Driver For Curriculum Change
    Ilic, Vojislav
  • The Bologna Process For Australia?
  • [SPECIAL SESSION 2: The impact of the Bologna Process on Non-Europeans]
    Ilic, Vojislav

    Inafuku, Fernando

  • Celsius Network
  • [MAIN TOPIC 2: Global Partnership]
    De Giusti, Marisa, Inafuku, Fernando, Lira, Ariel, Sobrado, Ariel

    Ionescu, Daniela

  • On Addressing The Variation In Intellectual Demand Of Engineering Undergraduate Research Projects
    Ionescu, Daniela, Kilpatrick, Andrew, Legge, Katherine, Petrolito, Joe
  • The Teamwork Impact On Laboratory Sessions And Its Contribution Towards Graduate Attributes
  • [MAIN TOPIC 1: Rediscovering the Foundations]
    Ionescu, Daniela

    Iqbal, Ashraf

  • Meaningful Learning At The Interface Of Computing And Molecular Biology
  • [MAIN TOPIC 5: The Relevance of New Educational Tools]
    Aurangzeb, Muhammad, Hashmi, Yasser, Iqbal, Ashraf
  • Meaningful Learning Of Problem Transformations For A Grid Graph
  • [MAIN TOPIC 3: The Challenges of Research]
    Abdul Ghaffar, Munazzah, Hashmi, Yasser, Iqbal, Ashraf
  • Meaningful Learning Through Identifying Differences And Similarities Between Certain Problems And Algorithms
  • [MAIN TOPIC 1: Rediscovering the Foundations]
    Hashmi, Yasser, Iqbal, Ashraf, Khan, Malik Jahan